Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to look Taller and Slimmer...

Women with petite frames are always searching for ways to provide them with a perfect look. With right knowledge of dressing style, one can look as the way desired. Here are some of the tips to look slimmer and taller.

Tip #1: Always wear monochromatic dress, one dark color from top to bottom. Choose dark colors like black, brown, navy blue and chocolate. Metallic colored dresses also provide a taller look but they should not be too shiny and loud.

Tip #2: Choose vertical and elongated evenly spared striped clothes. Avoid horizontal striped designs as they will make you look broader. You can wear scarves lightly tied with vertical dangling ends.

Tip #3: Avoid broad belts because they will cover your huge body portion giving you a shorter look. Use thinner belts tied loosely not showing your problem areas.

Tip #4: Wear long necklaces and pendants and avoid chokers. It will give you an elongated look. Necklaces should not be too bulky.

Tip #5: Leave the blazers and cardigans unbuttoned. Choose clothes that fits your frame. Avoid loose and bulky clothes.

Tip #6: Choose your shoes with thin soles, medium to high heel and matching to your outfit. It will make your legs look thinner. Chunky and strap shoes should be avoided.

Tip #7: V-necks will provide you a taller and slimmer profile. Long skirts should be preferred instead of wider ones.

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