Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kinetic watches to make you technically glamorous


Each day we look for a watch that goes with what we're wearing. It is a piece of jewelry which is worn everyday, and adds a extra bit to your overall looks. They not only show time, but reckon value to your dignity too.

So what qualities do you look for in your watch?

Obviously, it should be stylish, accurate, affordable, aesthetic, long-lasting, and should add glimmer to your personality!

In this era of modernization, kinetic watches are technological apart from their counterparts, and here's the reasons for that

Energy utilization: Instead of batteries, these timepieces utilize the power from human body, to keep itself functioning. Everyday movement of your wrist rotates the oscillating weight and turns into a magnetic charge in the and then into electricity.

Storage capacity: A big selling point with these watches is their energy saving ability, accuracy and capability of storing energy up to six months. They never need winding or a battery change. They have power reserve indicators which show how much power is stored within them.

Long-lasting: Built-in sensors provide information to the wearer if watch has been inactive for at least 24 hours. If this happens, it will automatically put itself to sleep, which is called suspended animation. To awaken the watch you simply have to shake it and it will automatically reset the time and date.

Eco centric: They have ability to reset themselves even if they have been suspended for up to four years. This ability gives greater energy saving capabilities to these watches.

Availability: These are manufactured by a variety of brand watchmakers in all shapes and sizes.

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