Saturday, June 20, 2009

Top 5 quick ideas for Father's Day Gift

Haven't purchased your Father's Day gift yet! Don't panic. It's not end of world. There are some inexpensive and quick gift ideas for you to make your father feel more special.

Gift idea #1: Say it with flowers...
Flowers are the most beautiful and simple way to express your feelings without uttering a word from mouth. You can see a sweet smile on your father's face while gifting a flower bouquet.

Gift idea #2: Funky chunky food basket...
Food baskets are easy to prepare and are easily available. You can prepare a food baskets of your Dad's favorites like fruits, chocolates, coffee items, and many more..

Gift idea #3: Prepare card of your own...
Handmade cards are the best way to tell your father that how much you love him. You can also write sentimental poems to show your emotions. Greeting cards for father's day are also available online. You can buy or make a card relating to his interest and hobbies.

Gift idea #4: Collection of his favorite songs and movies...
If your dad is fond of music and movies, then you can gift him a collection of his favorite songs and movies. It will make him overjoyed to see and listen them all.

Gift idea #5: With yummy Cakes...
Cakes are often liked by everyone. Gift him a Father's Day cake of his most liked flavor with a beautiful candle on it.
The most wonderful gift you can give your father is to spend whole time with him and make him relax throughout the day!


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