Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trendy Nail Paints: Beautify yourself with beautiful nails...

Beautiful nails are every girls envy and wants to get perfect impression on everyone. Nail paints enhances beauty of your hands and comes in thousands of shimmering colors to make them look stylish.

Your complexion and profession plays a very important role in choosing the right shades of nail polish There are some tips, how you can choose right shades which will suit your complexion and profession.

1). If you have a fair complexion and want to give a classical look to your nails then you can go for a wide range of shades like Violets, Ruby Reds, Plums, Burgundy, White, Black, Pale Pink Silver, Pale Green, Navy, Teal and Orange.

2). A tan complexion like Angelina Jolie, then Pale and Deep Pink, Gray, Golden shades and metallic colors will suit you a lot.

3). Girls with medium tones should wear very light shades of Purple, Blue, White, Porcelain, Nude, Nude with pink tints.

4). Deep complexion girls should opt for Nude, Light Purple, French, Primrose, Light or Pale Pinks, Indigo, Shiny Key Lime colors.

5). If you are working for a company, then avoid dark and glittering shades and choose lighter and sober ones.

6). If you are a college girl then don't shy to apply any color shade. You can choose soft or dark shades whichever you like.

If you want to give your nails a longer look, then leave thin strips on both sides of nails unpolished. Nail art can be preferred if you are going for a special occasion. There is no need of a salon to make your nail polish perfect. Applying the right color on your nails with some steady stroke of perfection, you can achieve an astonishing nail paint you ever wished for.

Your nails are very precious and if you can spend money on other goodies you surely can spend some of it on your nails to provide them a gorgeous look...

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