Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's your gift this Father's Day?

"The greatest gift I ever had from God; is my Dad!"

"He didn't tell me how to live; he is a symbol of living for me. "

All it takes is from-the-heart sentiment to let him know how much you love him. Let's use the Father's Day to express what place he have in our lives and what influence he have on us. As we all know Father's Day will be celebrated on 21st June 2009, so let's not forget to make this special day more special!

Fathers are associated with guidance and protection, as the person who can be loved, respected and looked up to. Gift him something which reflect his personality or which shows your love. Here are some cool tips for father's day gift.

If your dad loves to carry a style statement then gift him a pair of cool Sunglasses, Perfumes and Deodorants. Trendy watches of latest technology like kinetic watches can also be offered to enhance their style statement.
Sporty dads are going to love Father’s Day gifts that heighten their passion for sports. Gift him golf, cricket or tennis set or couple of sports magazines.

There are a lot of options in the market for dads who love to adopt latest technology. If you have a good budget you buy a sleek new mobile set, iPod, camera, camcorders, electronic shavers, massager, and many more.

Some other gift ideas include, buying a formal shirt, a casual T-Shirt or various accessories such as belts, wallets, portfolio bags, cuff-links and of course ties!

You can celebrate this day by giving him flowers which he likes most and a cake with “Happy Fathers Day” written on it.Popular stores @ DealRocker where you can shop online for father's day gifts