Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Choosing appropriate bathrobes that fits your style

Bathrobes are perfect luxury wear worn after taking a bath; well suited for swimming pools, beaches, or spa treatments, offering pleasure of total satisfaction and calmness. It's purpose is to preserve modesty when there's no immediate need of dressing up formally.

Women's bathrobes come in a variety of styles, lengths, and fabrics, available from almost any clothing retailer. There are some most important considerations to follow when shopping for bathrobes.

  1. Bathrobes come in different lengths, such as short mid-thigh length, knee length, calf length or full length. Decide in what type of bathrobe you'll feel comfortable.
  2. Bath robes may have different styles like an open front with a tie belt, zipper closure, button closure, sash around waist, front pockets, embroidery and hoods. Choose a robe that suits your style.
  3. Neiman Marcus coupons and dealsLook for only a quality fabric that feels sturdy and comfortable. Cotton, silk and micro fiber are the most reliable fabrics for bathrobes. Softer, and more pliable fabrics may break down over time, making the robe dense and matted.
  4. If you have a petite structure, then go for a shorter robe. If you're plus size, then opt a longer robe that won't ride up on you.Neiman Marcus coupons and deals

  5. As per the season, Kimono collars are best for summers, while Shawl collars provide warmth in winters by covering neck, shoulders and head just as a shawl.

  6. Don't choose heavy bathrobes, as they will make you feel down.

Neiman Marcus coupons and dealsMake sure to choose one that is fashionable and comfortable too.
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