Friday, July 17, 2009

Collectibles can add more charm to home decor!

Collectibles or decorative items play a very important role in house or room's decoration. A house is said to be decorated if it has eye catching decorative items. The decorative items can be anything. Whether it's a flower vase, antiques, furniture, or a painting one thing to consider is that, they should be in harmony with room’s environment.

There is an old saying, "The home is notable for it's interior use of art and sculpture". So, decorative items should be such that soothes your sensibilities and brings good luck. Here are some very beautiful collectibles that will make you say, “How Cute”!!

Especially for you cat: Children always like and love to play with cats and kittens because they're so cute. Cat home decors make unique and practical gifts for cat lovers. This sweet kitty has a special rose as a gift for you. This sculpture will serve best as your child's room decor.

Woodland Wonder Vase: The wild roses are blooming, chickadees are flirting, and blue butterflies are warming their wings in the sun. This enchanting moment is captured forever on this Woodland Wonder Vase. It is crafted of ivory fine china, daintily painted by soft hand in springtime hues, and generously decorated with a rim of pure 24 karat gold making it a great choice for the hall room or living room.

Spring Frolic Unicorn Sculpture: Awakened by romping hooves, earth seems to dance with joy, and young grass bends like a willow in breeze. Butterflies and flowers invites whole world to celebrate sweet promise of new life and eternal hope. This is the charisma of Spring Frolic Unicorn which has a golden mane and tail strewn with tulips, butterflies, daffodils, and some easter eggs on it's beribboned collar. This beautiful sculpture will enhance beauty of your room instantly.

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