Friday, July 31, 2009

Fashion handbags to accent your style!

Handbags have become one of the most desired women's accessories. They're not just used as functional items to carry personal belongings, but also reflects one's style in a significant manner. They have an ability to enhance look of any outfit.

Today, handbags come in several varieties of styles and designs to choose from. Famous and mostly used designs are hobo, totes, clutch, satchel and duffel. These handbags are intended for various functions and purposes which enable us to match and fit them according to our daily lifestyle.
Clutch: It's a handbag, specifically designed to be carried in hand as it has no handles. It's a perfect lady-like small bag for women's essentials like make up and other cosmetic products, cell phone, etc. This Floral Applique Python clutch bag with pleated detail is so handy and have enough space to carry your essentials. Most women love to carry this style of handbag for an evening gathering and other formal occasions.
Satchel: This type of handbag has one or two large straps that goes over one shoulder and across the body. It's best for women working in an office to carry important files and documents. It is also often used by students to carry their books and other school stuffs. These bags not only help to carry things in a more convenient way but also enhances fashion outlook. The Stone Embellished satchel here by Guess is a perfect accent piece for every women.
Hobo: This style of handbag is typically large and defined in a crescent shape to wear over the shoulder. Hobos have a feminine and stylish design that makes woman's outfit looks more attractive and eye-catching. This handbag is often used by models and celebrities who don't have to bring more belongings with them. This Lohla Patent Hobo bag in red leather, has a logo-engraved snap closure with Goldtone hardware. This bag suits for ladies who want some extra in comfort and style.
Knowing how to choose a right handbag for a specific occasion is the best way for us to enhance outfit in a more stylish and elegant way.

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