Friday, July 3, 2009

Firework Safety tips for 4th July!

After all hamburgers and hot dogs have been grilled and games are over, we all know it's time to hear and see fireworks! We all love fireworks for their dazzling lights, sounds and patterns of busting, making night sky full of light and sparkles. Among the noise of fireworks you can hear oohs.. and ahh's of crowd after every few seconds .

They are a big part of July 4th celebrations and can provide hours of family entertainment but must be used by adults carefully and safely. We remind of some important safety measures to keep both you and your family safe during fireworks display.

  1. Make sure to buy only legal fireworks, which have manufacturers label on them. If fireworks are not legal in your area, then don’t use them.
  2. Never ever try to make your own fireworks as it may be very dangerous.
  3. Be observant about kids. Keep them away from fireworks and don't let them try even a single time as they are not aware of their dangerous effects.
  4. Stay away from fireworks like, bottle rockets, chasers, etc., as they can backfire or go the opposite direction.
  5. Don’t try to alter and combine fireworks, light only one at a time.
  6. Never relight a "dud" firework, wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then drench it in a water bucket.
  7. Point fireworks away from homes, trees, bushes, wires, automobiles, or other flammable substances.
  8. Avoid merging of alcohol with fireworks.
  9. Please treat fireworks with respect, read all of the precautions and warnings and when all fails, use common sense.
  10. Lastly, always pick up fireworks you shoot.

You can also take your family to see a public fireworks show this evening.

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