Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to control urge to eat more

Do you feel hungry after very short intervals? Are you a snack habitual? Is your urge to eat becoming stronger day by day? Do not worry folks, let's discuss some special yet simple tips to resolve these dilemmas.

1. Rather than having massive meals thrice a day, eat simple and smaller at short intervals to keep your urge satisfied.

2. Eat slowly by chewing every bite 20-25 time, since our brain takes 15 minutes to send “No more Hungry” message. By doing this, we will keep the mouths busy for longer time and feel full by eating a small amount.

3. Drink lots of water to keep stomach full. Warm water after a fatty meal can help to burn down calories faster. Instead of aerated drinks, prefer to drink fruit / vegetable juices because it not only trench hunger but also provide essential nutrients to our body.

4. Research has proven that stomach is not responsible to raise the urge to eat, but a specific location in brain called "Satiety Center" which is very sensitive to taste and smell. We can control the urge to overeat by sniffing certain scents of food to enable the brain-stomach connection and generate the "feeling full" signal.

5. Dislodge sweets, chocolates and cakes from the kitchen. Because, if these are available you will definitely eat them. Eat fiber-rich food like oats, barley, raw vegetables, fruits and other whole grains rather than junk food.

6. Find some new hobbies and activities, which will keep you dynamic and help to reduce boredom and temptation to overeat. By adopting cooking as a hobby, you can make different nutritious dishes yourself, which contain less amounts of fats and sugar.

7. Eating chewing gum will keep the mouth busy and abates urge to eat more.

8. Prepare a Calorie-chart to count calories taken per day, that helps to maintain up to a healthy standard.

9. Do not eat while watching TV and reading books. Because at that time we are not aware about our necessity and keep on eating and eating...

10. Last but not least, Physical exercises and Meditation are always beneficial to control hunger.
Edward Stanley has truly said, “Those who think they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness."