Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How to protect hairs from vibrant sunrays and pollution!!

Hair can be damaged easily by dozens of different elements, whether its genetic, environmental, or because of using styling products for new fashion trends. Like skin, hairs are also very sensitive and do respond how much you care for them?

As we know, “Prevention is better than Cure”, so by knowing, how to take care of hairs before they get damaged is a right opinion. It depends upon us how we treat, nourish and shield our hair daily. Here are some tips to protect them from vibrant sun rays and pollution to keep them healthy and beautiful.

  1. The first thing to do is not to apply too much hair oil as it will make scalp oily and sticky which will allow dust and polluted elements to stick to your hair.
  2. Wear a cap or wrap a scarf to avoid sun rays and pollution whenever you go out specially on hot days.
  3. Avoid lot of use of styling and coloring products, as chemicals in them can harm your hairs and scalp. Use them at minor levels.
  4. Don't overuse shampoo. Wash hair at regular intervals with a mild shampoo and use a soft conditioner to make them shiny after every wash.
  5. Rinse hair thoroughly with cold water to make them more shiny. It will also keep the scalp and hairs hydrated.
  6. Keep your diet balanced, and eat protein and calcium rich foods and avoid intake of too much oily food.
  7. It has been proved that plant proteins are very helpful in protecting hair from pollution. Azadirachta indica also popularly known as Neem is a natural antibiotic and by using neem water one can prevent his/her head from allergies. You can nourish your hairs with aloe vera which has 83 vital nutrients in it.
  8. Use hair-oil, rich in proteins and Vitamin E which will protect hair from sun rays and environmental pollution providing smoothness and gloss.
  9. Oil massaging is a best way to keep hairs healthy. So, try to do this atleast once a week. It provide some relaxation from stress and tension.
  10. Brushing stimulates the scalp, and keep it healthy and clean. It gives a nice shiny look to hairs when done atleast 50 strokes a day.
These 10 essential tips will surely help to keep your hairs protected from bad environmental effects....

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