Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunglasses :: How to choose them perfectly?

Women's sunglasses aren't just practical and protective eyewear. In fact, they are a brazen accessory that can accentuate a simplest wear with a clever high-fashion twist. But there's no need to buy them at extremely high prices to look good. They won't look good on you if they're purchased without considering the facial structure. Here is a helpful guide to find a most suitable and flattering pair of sunglasses.

  1. Recognize Facial structure: Look for the facial structure carefully in mirror. If jaw seems rounded or square then you have a rounded or square face respectively. If your face is longer than wide, then it's oval shaped. On contrary, if upper face seems bigger than lower than you have a heart-shaped or triangular facial structure.

  2. Choosing glass & frame shape: The Golden Rule says that, "Frame's shape should be opposite to your facial structure". Square faces should opt round or rectangular frames with nice curved edges. While round faces require angular glasses to give an elongated archaic. Triangular or heart-shaped faces look good with rimless sunglasses that widens forehead. And if you're blessed with oval-shaped face then you can choose any style. nordstrom coupons and deals
  3. Frame color: Always opt a color that compliments your hair. If you have golden hairs, purchase tortoise colored frames; black hair with black frames and graying hair with gray or black frames. Use plastic frames for casuals and metal frames for outdoors.

  4. Lens color: Choose lens color that comforts your eyes and suits weather conditions. Bluish lenses are made for foggy conditions while Gray and Green lenses provide coolness to eyes. Brown lenses define objects more and Rose lenses are simply for fashion lovers.
If options are there for polarization, then go for it! Polarized sunglasses eliminate glare and bouncing light which can be very deleterious to eyes.

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