Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Frugal ways to decorate home for Autumn

The season for earthy browns, brilliant reds, pear gold and muted yellow has come! It’s AUTUMN! The most beautiful season (after spring), where mother nature shows her brilliant colors with a feel of warmth.

It’s an ideal time for bringing colors of harvest season into your home with a natural warmth echoing changing season. The colors of fall season are warm, inviting and evocative. When we think of autumn, a small palette of colors like pumpkin, deep gold, and rust springs into mind.

There’s no need to go out and invest in a lot of money in purchasing materials for a lovely seasonal decoration for fall. Mother Nature has provided various beautiful things to make a fall centerpiece, fall wreath, outdoor decoration, or mantle arrangement. Just move out with a big basket and collect broken tree branches, cat tails, pine cones, shafts of wheat, acorns, seed pods or any natural item which can be used in a fall decoration. Read on to learn some fantastic and inexpensive ways to usher in the fall season.

Candle Centerpiece: Turn a simple candle into a sophisticated centerpiece by adding nature’s bounty. Set a candle in an amber glass holder and ring the outside first with moss, and then decorate it with oak leaves, acorns, and red berries. Read More>>