Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jewelry boxes: Keep your priced possession in a safer way

Whether hand made, exquisite, or antique, a jewelry box has a quality to capture more attention than what it contains. The jewelry box not only functions as a mere holder of valuable jewels, it's a work of art in itself. There are mind boggling varieties and styles to choose, from playful styles for little girls to handcrafted and antique jewelry boxes for art lovers.

It can be made from wood, metal, leather, or various types of fabric. They all serve storing, protecting, organizing, and displaying jewelry in a whimsical way.
There are 5 guidelines how to store jewelry in jewelry boxes in a proper manner.

  1. If it's a large box than always follow the pattern to keep most valuable things at lower most level and least cost jewelry at higher levels.

  2. It would be better to keep antique jewelry wrapped in a cotton to avoid reactivity from other metals.

  3. Look for a box that has hooks inside to hold the pendants and earrings which will help you to select one matching with dress more easily.

  4. Pearls need extra consideration while storage. Store them in such a way that they do not touch each other as rubbing or bumping of the surface can cause pitting and possible chips. It is advisable to store them alone.

  5. If you have a plenty of fashion jewelry like beaded necklaces, rings, and bracelets and want to save some time then it's better option is to assemble them on a jewelry holder.

Jewelry boxes can be a perfect gift for many occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter. It can be a wonderful gift on wedding anniversary and birthday.

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