Monday, October 5, 2009

Diamond Pendant ~ A classy gift for someone special!

Diamonds are highly valuable and have an unmatched beauty with a mystical appeal. The beautiful pendants hanging around a women's neck represent the great work of miners who work day and night to come up with wonderful diamond cuts.

Diamond pendants are stylish jewelry items and loved by people of all ages. They're very popular and perfect gift item for near and dear ones, especially for women. Women are crazy about diamonds and it's very truly said that diamonds are women's best friends.

The market is flooded with number of diamonds available in various shapes, designs and types. Most popular colors in diamond include rich reds, deep blue, yellows, greens and many more. Here are some very beautiful and elegant diamond pendants. Have a look!

Heart Diamond Pave Pendant: This is a 14kt White Gold Diamond Heart Pendant. This fine diamond pave set heart pendant is perfect for love of your life. Specifications include 14kt white Italian gold, 50 round pave set diamonds, 1/4 carat total diamond weight, J-K diamond color, with I2-I3 diamond clarity and 14k Gold 17 inch chain.
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Green Amethyst & Diamond White Gold Pendant: Beautifully crafted in dazzling 14K white gold, this delicate pendant showcases 4 1/2 carats of brilliance, blending minty hues of green amethyst and icy sparkle of diamonds. It's an outrageous piece which is sure to please woman.

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White Gold Solitaire Diamond Pendant Necklace: When celebrating a moment you want to remember forever, give a gift that matches the occasion. This beautiful sparkling Solitaire Diamond Pendant is most timeless and valuable diamond jewelry that will be appreciated in present as well as in future. This pendant is gorgeously rendered in 14k gold and studded with dazzling icy white diamond. It flaps beautifully from a shimming gold chain and is ideal diamond jewelry for celebrating a beautiful moment in your life. Coupons and DealsPopular stores you would like to browse for Diamond Pendants at DealRocker. Coupons and DealsIce Coupons and DealsJewel Basket Coupons and Deals