Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stylish Scarf ~ A fashionable accessory

Who doesn't love to wear trendy clothes and accessories? The winter season is coming and it's right time to update your wardrobes with trendy and beautiful accessory, Scarves! They not only keep you warm in cold weather, they also brighten your look in a stylish way. That's why women love to wear scarves.

Scarves are fashion accessories which enhances the charisma of an outfit. They can be worn in various styles like a head band, neck-wear, tied on hand or draped on shoulders. They come in many colors, fabrics, lengths and patterns. Scarves are mainly categorized according to materials, uses and designing method.

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According to the material, a scarf can be made of wool, silk, chiffon, velvet, cotton. Wooly scarf is very comfortable, warm and lightweight, made from the fleece of sheep. Silk scarf draped around the neck makes a fashion statement and is capable of keeping the body warm. Cotton is fashion's favorite fabric for it's versatility in use, easy care and natural breathable quality. Velvet scarfs are also a classy addition to any one's wardrobe and an ultimate choice for warm and elegant look. Chiffon scarf looks best when used with formal wears like dresses, gowns and frocks.

According to function, the major types include headscarf, winter scarf, beach scarf and neck scarf. Head scarf can be worn in many ways and adds an elegant touch when wrapped around a ponytail. Winter scarf provides warmth & style together. Beach scarves are mainly used during beach outings and available in traditional as well as contemporary designs. Neck scarves are worn stylishly around the neck to add beauty to one’s overall look.

According to designing, there are hand-painted, beaded, embroidered and sequined scarves. Hand painted scarves are beautiful pieces with art designs. Beaded scarves are decorated with different sizes and colors of beads. Embroidered scarves are style accessories that have fascinating thread work patterns. Sequined scarves use star-like colorful adornments to form myriads of patterns. They are similar to beaded scarves.

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