Friday, November 27, 2009

Soft Contact Lenses Keep your Eyes Healthy

Contact lenses are helpful in improving vision as well as looks. They have seen an explosion in popularity over many years. They're more convenient and affordable, so most of people are opting to take off their eyeglasses. These days, contact lenses are best option prescribed by many opticians for their clients. Although almost everyone can wear them, leaving a few individuals whose eyes can't adjust to a contact lens. It's recommended that a right eye doctor should be consulted before start using contact lenses on your eyes.

A perfect fit contact lens is an important factor which should be considered, especially when you're going to use it for the first time. Mainly two types of contact lenses are available, one is soft and second is gas permeable contact lenses. The soft lenses are considered to be more flexible as compared to gas permeable.

Soft contact lenses are made of flexible plastic hydro gel polymer which consists of thirty-five percent to seventy-five per cent water. That's why they're known as hydrophilic. They absorb water in eyes and become soft. They fit exactly on eye balls and are not felt by user. They're used to correct near or far sightedness and also perfect for bifocal vision related problems.

1800 Contacts Coupons and DealsMain advantage of soft contact lenses is that, they allow free flow of oxygen to get into eyes and are permeable thus maintaining healthy eyes. Even, they're available in colored lenses which serve aesthetic purposes. Disposable contact lenses have to be disposed in prescribed time; otherwise it would be an invitation to potential disaster.

The size of soft lenses can vary from 13 to 14.50 mm and as they're thinner, wearer will barely feel their presence. Nevertheless, it's advisable to consult a good eye specialist before choosing soft contact lenses.

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