Thursday, January 21, 2010

Activity Toys : Excellent way to Improve Kids Learning Power

Expert's study on developing kids has proved that little one's brain rapidly develops in first two years of their life. Activity toys are very helpful in increasing their learning power while playing. Generally, kids learn by exploring the things around them and play sets help them to do that in right way. Learning toys are specially made to encourage intellectual development of kids while entertaining them at same time.

Play sets are best kind of learning toys for toddlers. By these toys, kids can explore their imaginations and creativities. Toys' colors, shapes and designs help to attract children towards them. Boys love to play with rocket, cars or space base toys while girls like doll house or kitchen play sets. This kind of activity toys helps in keeping kids busy and increase their knowledge about how things actually works. These toys come in different varieties, so you can choose them according to your kid's age. provides useful toys for your kids.

Lift Off Rocket and Space Base: Send imagination into orbit with this creative out-of-this-world play sets! Creativity takes-off with 16 inch Rocket, with thrilling sound effects, light-up boosters, and whimsical accessories. Batteries are also includes in this set. Adventure continues in lunar Space Base, with three explorers, command center and moon buggy. It is best for ages 18 months and up.

Block Mates Safari: Transform these standard-size wood blocks into wild jungle creatures with this add-on set! Make elephant, alligator, rhino, gorilla, and lion. Kids can mix and match them to create exotic new species like a gorillagator and rhion. All 20 pieces fit on easily and comfortably.

Playhouse Theatre & Puppets: It's a puppet theatre, lemonade stand, club house, whatever your child dreams up! Exciting playhouse sparks young imaginations with play clock, chalkboard marquis and ticket counter. Easy-to-assemble wood frame and puppets are big, soft, and brimming with personality.

All these play sets are perfect to explore imagination and creativity of kids. Choose the best activity play set for your children. popularity of learning play set increasing day by day because they provide education and entertainment at the same time.