Monday, February 22, 2010

Beach Towel: Fun loving accessory for kids

There's nothing better than to see cute kids, playing or splashing in water. Kids just love to spend fun loving time on beach in spring/summer season. Traveling with kids is not that easy, as they need lot of attention and accessories to make outing safe and fun filled. If you're planing to go for a beach trip, then pay special attention on beach accessories. Along with flip flops, sunscreen lotion, cool clothes, beach towel is also very essential for kids. After finishing bath, kids should be dried up immediately otherwise they can easily catch a cold. Bath towel surely serve this purpose. It's advisable to use good quality of towel for kids, which can dry-up the water as fast as possible, giving comfort at the same time.

Parents always want to buy best things for kids. Just like other things, kid's bath towel should also be chosen with care. Towel, made of cotton is perfect for your precious little one. Cotton is good absorbent of water that helps kids to stay dry after bath. Cotton is very durable and effective material. Towels of this material is very soft and good for kid's skin. Rough material towels can be harmful for their skin. So, always keep in mind the quality of material while choosing a towel.

girls towelBeach towel for boys and girls: Fun and playful beach towel is as essential to spring/summer as flip-flops and sunscreen. Specially designed this season's collection with entire family in mind, from mini towels for toddlers to family-sized towels for everyone to share. These are 32 inch wide x 64 inch long. Pure cut cotton velor, reverses to pure looped cotton terry and finished with contrasting hems. They can be personalized by adding name on them.

boys towelThese days, beach towels are available in various colors and designs. They come in almost every imaginable design and pattern. Kids love the cartoon characters on their accessories. There are many towels which come with monkey or lion cartoon for animal lovers, Disney characters for girls and butterfly or duck for bird lovers. Frog towel designs are very popular among toddlers and common in bath accessories. You can find octopus, hibiscus, pink flower dot, green butterfly, surf board, car and other patterned beach towel for girls and boys at at really affordable prices.