Thursday, February 4, 2010

Samsung Omnia: Stylish phone with amazing features

Samsung is finest product making company in field of electronics. Its stylish and multi featured touchscreen phone Samsung Omnia is very popular in the market. Normally, a buyer look for unique style, large screen, excellent color display, latest wireless technology, wonderful camera and extra features in one package. This phone has everything that anyone can ask for. Samsung Omnia fulfills all exceptions at reasonable price. It's greatest smart-phone that Samsung has manufactured ever.

Samsung Omnia is smartest gadget for businessman, traveler, or other general mobile users. Capabilities of this phone is truly amazing. This all–in–one mobile device helps to maintain the balance of user's busiest life. This advanced and touch screen smartphone offers best features and functions. All of its latest technology features can be accessed through full sized, customizable touch display with drag and drop widgets. So, user can enjoy all functions by just moving fingers on touchscreen.

The Omnia is just like a small PC in pocket as it is equipped with Windows mobile 6.1 professional operating system. It also has Opera mobile for full HTML web browser support. Its 5 megapixel camera for entertainment purpose offers impressive features like smile detection, automatic panorama shot, and auto-focus. All great features like music player with FM radio, Bluetooth stereo and much more, are wrapped up in one sleek phone. It even has 8GB of internal memory and support for up to 16GB microSD card. It comes with impressive list of services like VZ Navigatorsm, VZAppZone and Mobile Broadband Connect.

Stylish Samsung Omnia is a truly great windows mobile which gives user to access MS Office documents like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. It has adobe reader LE PDF viewer, Opera Mobile browser, Wi–Fi Capable, Windows media player, voice command, speaker phone and business card reader. Also has security locking features, wireless Sync capability, activeSync and windows mobile device center, picture and video messaging. Its family locator feature is very impressive.

You can pick this phone from with 2-yr Contract. Verizon Wireless is a well known for services that it offers. They provide great deals and discounts on phone plans. Their customer service is very satisfactory and reliable. As Valentine's Day is fast approaching, so you can give it to your beloved, brother or sister or even your parents.