Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Samsung UN55B7000 LED HDTV: Style and performance in one package

As the advancement of new technologies, now people can experience top visual and audio quality of pictures that make viewing more enjoyable. These days, LED HDTV is very popular and delivers high quality of pictures. It is basically LCD TV which employs LED back lighting instead of fluorescent lighting. Samsung is well known name in the field of best technology items. Its LED TV is latest HDTV model which is perfect combination of style and performance. LED technology captures natural colors of real life with pristine white, darker blacks and strong contrast between dark and bright colors.

Samsung ultra-slim UN55B7000 LED TVSamsung ultra-slim UN55B7000 LED TV, is great combination of breakthrough picture quality, eco-friendly design and advanced connectivity which keep you entertained 24/7. It includes Internet TV that allows to receive content via online TV Widgets on screen. It has USB 2.0 which makes easy to watch movies, browse photos and listen to music on TV. It uses 40% less power consumption than conventional LCDs. You can pick this one from Sears.com at huge discounts. Have a look on detailed study on this stylish LED TV.

Breakthrough Picture Quality: For images which are stunningly true to life, need contrast, color and clarity. This Ultra-brilliant LED TV has them all. It has 3,000,000:1 mega contrast provides incredible range of brightness from blacks to crisp whites. Advanced color processing provides natural colors and greater depth for vibrant. Its Auto Motion Plus 120 Hz technology eliminates virtually motion blur and leaving picture smooth.

Ultra-slim Design: Advanced HDTV technology contained in razor-thin silhouette. Stunning at only 1.2 inch deep, Samsung LED TV are one the slimmest HDTVs yet. Supported by unique stand with elegant and crystal-clear neck. You'll have no trouble finding enough place for one in room. Thanks to innovative, optional Wall Mount, astonishingly slim LED TV can be hung just like any picture frame. Its soft and square corners make it a work of art.

Eco-friendly: This LED TV is easy on planet as well as for eyes. It uses 40% less power than conventional LCD TVs and is mercury free. So you can put feet up and relax knowing you're leaving carbon footprint.

World wide web: Just got wider with Internet option. See your photos on Flickr or check mails on Yahoo. Easy to use widget lets you watch and add or delete content. View it all on sidebar or across incredibly wide screen.

Multi-media Center: No need to leave all great digital pictures and videos in cameras or storage devices anymore. Thanks to USB 2.0 Movie: Multi-media Center feature on LED TV. You can easily connect digital camera, thumb drive and MP3 player. Smart and user-friendly USB 2.0 interface allows to access videos, songs and pictures with remote. Now, anytime can be show time with this LED TV.

Bring this Samsung ultra-slim LED TV in home and experience the style and performance in one package!