Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Unique kitchen appliances for Smart Home Managers

Nothing is better than a well equipped, well organized kitchen with convenient work space for cooking. In busiest life style, no one has enough time to cook food on everyday basis. But, today with advent of so many kitchen appliances, it has become so easy to cook food in a faster and easier way. Now, cooking has become an interesting and time saving hobby for all. Refrigerator, food processor, mixer grinder, pressure cooker and other are major appliances which help in cooking food and also give decorative look to every kitchen. Today, handy appliances, better known as eco-friendly and energy saving equipments have made kitchen's roller coaster ride into a soothing journey.

Fruit and vegetable peeler, cutter & slicer, all are vital part of everyday kitchen work. These are helpful in saving time by chopping fresh fruits & vegetables at fast pace and in saving money by reducing electricity bill. Various unique and handy kitchen appliances are helpful in making delicious meals, snacks, and desserts in kitchen. There are so many small kitchen appliances available at online stores. Fresh corns and pineapples, both are good for human body. But cutting and slicing them can be a tedious task. To overcome this problem, have a look on these useful kitchen tools by Lillian Vernon.

Easy-grip Corn Cutter: Finally you can easily take corn off the cob. This corn cutter helps to cut a full row of corn in one smooth motion. It is ergonomically designed for left or right hand use. It has a soft santoprene handle for comfortable and strong grip. Finger indents keep hands clear of this unique kitchen tool's functional surface. Made with stainless steel and safe for dishwasher, this corn-cutter measures 7 1⁄4 inch in height.

Ingenious Pineapple Slicer: Now, you can easily peel, core and slice fresh, medium pineapple with in just 30 seconds! It works like corkscrew, removing flesh in perfectly formed rings, leaving core in shell. One turn equals one slice or do whole pineapple at once! You can use perfectly preserved shell to hold drink or in centerpiece presentation! This patented design fits up to 3 1⁄2 lb pineapple.

As we know, fresh fruit & vegetables are essential for a human body, so these handy appliances will make your cooking and salad decoration easy and fast. You can pick your favorite appliance from at reasonable price and prepare your food in a smart way.