Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Create fun in Kids Bathroom with enjoyable decoration

Make kids bath time more enjoyable and fun loving by decorating this place with beautiful things. For designing and decorating kids bathroom, firstly set the theme for bathroom. Kids love cartoon, sports, animal, action figures and garden themes. Colorful stripes and dotted patterns options are also available for decoration of kids bathroom in style. It is fun and delightful feeling for every parents to decorate bathroom for their kids.

Wall decoration is an important part of decorating kids bathroom. Cheerful and interesting wall decals make bath time more enjoyable. There are variety of wallpaper trims which have cute designs that can add fun loving touch to bathroom decor. Try to decorate kids' bathroom with bright colorful stuff that can create an energetic feel.

Pink shades are perfect for girls. One can choose floral garden theme for girls bathroom as it normally contains pink and light green colors. Boys are more sporty and adventure lover. So, prefer to select sea theme or pirate bathroom theme for them. Blue and brown shades are advisable for boy's bathroom.

Girls bathroomShower curtains are focal point in bathroom and help to set whole theme of decoration. By adding new style of curtains, one can change complete decoration of a room. Consider beautiful curtains that compliment other theme and bring new life into bathroom. Jungle theme, flowers, fish, sea theme and other themed curtains are available in market that can allure heart of every child.

Bath towels are very important accessory and these are helpful in setting the theme. Choose matching face towels and hand towels with selected theme. These towels are easily available at any online kids store. Pottery Barn Kids store is fine place for ordering kids bath towels and beach towels.

Sturdy step stool is also vital part of bathroom accessories. It is smart basic for growing kids. Add mirror in bathroom decoration as it helps to create the virtual space in small bathroom. Bath rug is another useful accessory for bathroom. Select appropriate bath rug, as wrong selection can spoil complete bathroom furnishing.

boys bathroomLighting fixtures are helpful in enhancing overall look of bathroom. Different style of lightings are available at online stores to decorate kids bathroom in style. Bath toys are really helpful in creating fun decoration. Kids love to see their favorite toys in their bathroom. So add colorful counter top accessory items, handwoven hamper and basket to increase the decoration.

All these wonderful and cute items, can be find at PotteryBarnKids.com at very affordable prices. One can also personalize these stuff with name of kids. Order online and get benefit of Pottery Barn Kids Coupons available at DealRocker.com and decorate kids bathroom in fun loving way.