Friday, March 19, 2010

Customize HP TouchSmart 300z Desktop PC to experience touch applications

In today's time, many companies are coming up with multi featured all-in-one desktop PCs. These computers are equipped with high features which give benefit for home as well as business use. Desktops are more durable, useful and capacity to perform variable functions. These are mainly divided into three categories such as Desktop Computers, Gaming PCs and Workstations.

In recent times, touch screen computers are high on demand. It is really brilliant addition in the field of consumer electronics. HP is one of the leading manufactures of touch screen desktop computer. HP TouchSmart 300z series is one of them and comes with variety of interesting features. It has elegant design and advanced features with built-for-touch applications. This powerful, compact and wireless all-in-one PC comes with 20-inch high definition wide-screen and genuine Windows 7 operating system. It is perfect to take up residence in kitchen or your family room.

HP TouchSmart 300z
With just few clicks it can simplify your daily activities like searching, browsing and connecting. Touch screen on HP TouchSmart 300z is very fun to use with custom HP software which comes with it. One can experience music, photos and video in new way with built-in TouchSmart applications. Touchable calendar and e-mail programs help to stay organized and wonderful video chat lets you keep in touch with friends and family. You can also instantly launch all favorite apps from HP TouchSmart Home.

Designing Features include:
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium used for simplifying daily activities.
  • It has 20 inch HD widescreen with 1080p resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Sleek and piano-black finish with chrome accents.
  • Internal antennas for great 802.11 wireless LAN.
  • DVD drive and 6-in-1card reader.
  • Integrated premium speakers for crisp sound.
  • Built-in and adjustable-tilt webcam and mic.
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard.
Experience best of Web such as Hulu, Twitter, Netflix, Rhapsody and more in touch-enabled style. Import recipes from Web just enter and easily manage with HP Recipe Box. Use touch to edit photos, choose songs and create play lists. Create and share collages with touch using HP TouchSmart Canvas. Use your voice to rotate, invert and zoom photos. Create professional looking slide shows, videos and movies. Watch movies on DVD and bookmark favorite movie scenes. Watch, pause and record live TV with optional dual-format NTSC and ATSC high definition TV tuner.

Pick this amazing and fully featured touch screen desktop PC from HP store and simplify your life. Customize this computer as per your requirements at HP coupons will help to get maximum discount on your purchase.