Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Animal-Inspired Contemporary Wooden Framed Mirrors

To add an elegant look to your house, bedroom, or sitting room, contemporary mirrors serve their best. Contemporary mirrors are one of the best ways to decorate walls of house, which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. There are various types of wall decor pieces but nothing can provide benefit of mirror. Besides other benefits, mirrors make a room look larger, more inviting and balanced. One could find huge variety of different styles and sizes for a mirror like one could go for metallic frame mirrors, wooden frame mirrors, animal inspired mirrors, culture inspired mirrors and many more.

Here we are discussing some contemporary wooden mirrors that are inspired from animals frame. It would be a fun to a bedroom, bathroom or patio with mirror that is in a shape of an animal or reptile. You can even add more than one mirrors on a wall of this type, so as to give it a look of collage which will really look beautiful and inviting. There is a large collection of such animal inspired contemporary wooden mirrors at Novica store, which one could purchase online from

Mirror, 'Reflective Parrot': As birds are most beautiful creature made by God, so a mirror framed up in a shape of parrot will add beauty of birds inside your house. This parrot frame is carved from wood with proper finishing provided to it. This finishing is done by coating of lacquer for protection and a glossy finish. So this wooden framed mirror reflecting parrot could be a perfect piece of decoration plus a mirror for your house.
Fish mirror
Mirror, 'Finny Friend': Some people love fishes as they are the beauty of sea world. What if they enhance your home beauty while hanging on a wall as a decorative piece plus serving you as a mirror. Yes, from Novica store Finny Friend sculpts is a cheery fish with flowing fins to frame a mirror and a beauty to ones house. It is a wood framed fish which is finished with a coat of lacquer.
parrot mirror
If you wanna decorate your home with such beautiful animal-inspired mirrors, then head towards With the help of Novica coupons, you can get these mirrors at much discounted prices.