Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Multi-strand Necklaces: Reveal the rocker chic!

Layered necklaces or multi-strand necklaces continue to be a popular look these day. These necklaces are really very eye catching and provide a unique and rocker chic look to wearer. Multiple chains, often strung with charms and beads, are popular version of this jewelry style.

Multi-strand necklaces are made from beads of varying shapes, sizes and colors. The necklaces in this type of jewelry are ready-made for layering, but don't hesitate to mix and match your own jewelry. Raid out your jewelry box and stack a few necklaces around your neck. Keep experimenting, and you can get an amazing style to reveal your rocker chic.

Some necklaces add a little touch to your outfit, while others totally make your outfit and multi-strand necklaces come in the latter group. These necklaces are becoming every woman's especially teens' absolute favorite accessories because they can take an otherwise bland outfit and make it totally fun.

If you don't have budget to buy a million cute tops, just buy a few simple tops and a couple of multi-strand necklaces and mix and match. Each day it will provide a completely different look and nobody will know, you wore that same black tee just three days ago because your new multi-strand necklace will totally change your outfit.
Juicy Couture Flower Punk NecklaceMulti-strand necklaces are also great for indecisive. Not sure if you want to wear silver, pearl, or beads on your necklace? Try out wearing all three! I especially love Juicy Couture necklace above because it combines so many different looks into a total trendy, super fun necklace. But be sure to buy multi-strand necklaces in variety of looks for maximum wardrobe mixing. Colored multi-strand necklaces, especially with turquoise beads look amazing. Your boring white shirt will not be boring any more!

This season, accent your best outfits with a glamorous multi-strand necklace. Nordstrom.com have a broad range of beautiful multi-strand necklaces that too at really affordable prices. For additional savings, don't forget to have a look on Nordstrom coupons while placing an order from this store. So, start changing up your outfits today!