Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dog Barriers for Easy Car Travelling

Pets have become a necessary part of our life. Pets accessories help in increasing their relaxation. In today's time pet also live their luxury life in cars with their masters, but sometimes your pet makes your favorite car dirty. You can not say anything to pet but you can protect your car from getting dirty by arranging pet barriers in cars. People make their pets delighted by making them roaming in cars. There are some useful dog barriers that will help in protecting your car and will give a special treatment to your pet too.

Kurgo Wander Hammock (Khaki):
No one wants dog hair and mud all over the backseat of the car, even if you love your dog very much. Kurgo has made standard hammock and brought it to the next level. The Kurgo Wander Hammock features a playful dog pattern and a perfect fit design. There is a utility bag for toys, Fido's leash and water. This waterproof hammock is made of an antimicrobial fabric that repels moisture and dirt. It is very easy to clean and remove when not in use.
Kurgo Wander HammockBENEFITS:
It can be used as a hammock or a seat cover. Waterproof, stain resistant and antimicrobial. It includes water bottle and can be used with a child seat. It is made of a 600d polyester, PVC backing.

Kurgo Backseat Barrier:
Dogs moving around freely in cars are a safety hazard to themselves, driver and the passengers too. The backseat barrier keeps everyone safe, by creating a strong wall between the front and back seats of car. This wall keeps the dog safely in the backseat. It also restricts excited pups from moving between the front and back seats of the vehicle. The backseat barrier has an extra partition which separates passengers from dogs in the backseat. It is great for long trips and just around town.
Kurgo Backseat Barrier
It protects the dog from launching forward during quick stops, protects passengers and cargo from roaming dogs. There is no need to remove when passengers ride in the backseat. It keeps front seat clean from dog hair and universal fit for most vehicles. Can be simply installed and removed. It looks good enough to make it permanent in the car.

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