Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Elegant and Charming Beaded Bracelets for Girls

Jewelry is loved by every girl and woman. So much varieties are available in fashion jewelry, but mix and match is today's hottest trend. Fashionable jewelry is popular among people these days. Any type of fashionable jewelry can add a charm to one's personality and dressing style too. Girls love to match their outfit with matching earrings, handbags, footwear and bracelets. Bracelets are liked by most of girls.

A bracelet is an article of jewelry which can be worn around the wrist. Many types of bracelets are available in the market today, like Bangle bracelets, Cuff bracelets, Vintage inspired bracelets and Dark beaded bracelets. Bracelets can be manufactured from cloth, leather, plastic, hemp or metal. Fashionable bracelets have many variety in beads, silver, stones and more. They easily get mix and match with every outfit. Bracelets truly enhance hand's beauty and add a style to personality.

Silver Three Strand Bracelet:
Three strands of solid sterling silver beads give this bracelet a pretty look. Silver can go with any of your dress. Each strand has different beading pattern. Gives an artisan quality look. Put in your wrist to enhance the charm.
Silver Three Strand BraceletAmazonite Mix Stretch Bracelet:
Every bead is pleasing in their own way and different in this stretch bracelet. A variety show of Murano glass, Amazonite, carved bone, agate and mother of pearl. Main attraction is that, this brcaelet stretches fit most wrist. Bead colors making it elegant and simple.
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