Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cute Cat Collectibles for Cat Lovers

People now a days are fond of collectibles and love to collect sculptures & figurines to decorate homes. Want some experimentation with home decor? Animal figurines can serve your purpose well. They look fabulous from all sides. Their stature, attractiveness & durability, everything is great and just more than perfect.

Today's, animal collectibles are loved and popular in home decor. It shows the love for animals. Some pour love by collecting these animal collectibles and animal sculptures. It can be a part of any room decor.

Cat sculptures can enhance the beauty of a corner of your home and can be used as a living room decor. Figurines give good and beautiful look to the inside of a home. Enhance beauty of your home and enjoy their charm and get admired for your choice of these cat collectibles by Lenox.

Tea Time Cat Sculpture:
Elegant form of teapot, cup and the heart shaped cutouts of cookies. See, this darling kitty knows that tea time means cuddle time. She has been waiting patiently all day long to be with you!! Never mind that she has taken a few nibbles of the cookies... Endearing moment and feline affection has been captured in an irresistible Tea Time sculpture. Every detail is captured that leads to perfection. Gentle upturn of her button nose & plaintive look in her shining eyes.
Tea Time Cat SculptureTogether Forever Cat:
Meticulous hand painting of this figurine adds pastel pink to cats smiles & ice blue to their eyes. Look like just made for each other together and forever. A suit for him, a veil for her & these two fabulous felines just ready to say "I do." Graceful sculptured by artists of Lenox. Bride looks sweetly demure in her pearls & lacy veil... The groom looking handsome in his tux and tail. Both lovingly reache out a perfectly manicured paw to other.
Together Forever CatYou can collect these beautiful cat sculptures from Lenox and avail discounts through Lenox Source Code.