Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Delectable Desserts from Magic!

A meal is not complete without dessert!! The more exotic the better it will be..that is the general rule. Sweet desserts have existed since from beginning of mankind. It is now, enjoyed by people occasionally and unoccasionally throughout the world in variety of flavors. Desserts complete a meal and are usually mouth-watering!

Can not stay with out eating something sweet or like to end dine with a dessert. Wish something that tastes sweet, satisfies you and your tongue. Then you can have these sweetened taste without preparation, baking and cleaning. It can so happen by just placing an order at Check out some mouth-watering dishes offered by the store.

Panna cottaPanna cotta:
Panna cotta is an Italian phrase which literally translates to "cooked cream". Panna Cotta is a creamy, gelatin Italian dessert from Northern Italian region of Piedmont. This classic recipe is brought directly over from Italy, made with care, and shipped to your door for an absolutely phenomenal experience. Panna Cotta is made with gourmet heavy cream, pure sugar and fresh vanilla for rich and delectable flavor, topped with a fresh Chef prepared raspberry sauce.

Pecan PiePecan Pie:
This traditional favorite is full of sweet goodness, set off by the freshest pecans and sitting in our flaky handrolled crust. Main filling is done with corn syrup, eggs, pecans, brown sugar, sugar, butter crust. Unbleached enriched with eggs, wheat flour, lard, sugar, water, dry milk, and salt.

Try one of these irresistible gourmet desserts, you will really enjoy saying Yum! Pour yourself a cup of good coffee, sit back and enjoy!! Magic Kitechen provides several baked dessert recipes and meals including soups, vegetarian and non vegetarian meal. You can just order these desserts from and can avail online discounts through Coupon Code.