Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Enhance Garden's Beauty with Desinger Garden Sculptures

Garden is a place which makes one feel near to nature. Garden is most beautiful and relaxation place, where one can rest and spend time in lap of greenery. Garden is usually in front of a house, so garden decor becomes more essential. So, we can say that home garden decor is as important as other parts of the home.

Decorating garden with garden sculptures enhances its beauty and charm. Make it beautiful with garden accents and sculpted decorative pieces. Designer sculptures are used as top decorative garden pieces these days. Sculpted garden pieces look real and alive. They really astonish people with their great awesome look. Designer sculptures are master pieces in themselves.

Garden sculptures are usually made of wood, wax, metal and natural materials. One can find a variety in bronze sculptures, wooden sculptures, wax sculptures and metal sculptures. Bring in these garden art items to your garden to give a wholly new look. Make your garden different from another normal gardens with a unique and pleasant look.

Taking Flight Fairy Sculpture:
This is a beautiful garden sculpture by artist Evelyn Myers Hartley. Sculpture has petaled wings to a wreathed bonnet. This tangled sculpted “Fairy of Stratford” is Myers Hartley’s tribute to her favorite childhood tales. This designer resin is exclusively designed for Toscano. Hartley has hand painted its foot and a half tall sculpt, in a wash of muted pastels. Which highlight each subtle detail and outcome is so beautiful and marvelous.
Taking Flight Fairy SculptureChildren Learning to Read Solid Bronze Garden Sculpture:
Solid bronze sculpture of girl teaching her sister to read. It adds a touch of school day nostalgia and also childhood innocence to garden or home. Because beauty is in the details, each piece of bronze sculpture is cast in traditional lost wax method. Which highlights exceptionally fine detail & guarantees lasting beauty. It's an unparalleled bronze sculpture finished in bronze patina reminiscent. A finest Victorian garden art.
Bronze Garden SculptureThese beautiful sculptures will enhance your garden beauty. Collect one for your favorite home garden sculpture from the house of Toscano. Don't forget to use Toscano Priority Code to order products from this store at discounted prices.