Thursday, July 22, 2010

Car Floor Mats: To Keep Your Car Clean

Car floor mats are necessary to shield car interior from spoiling. Floor mats are removable, washable and easy to clean and can be taken out from the car for cleaning. Floor mats are made of polyester, leather and rubber and many other stuff. Car mats are commonly used to protect the car from dirt, as they are durable and easy to clean in all seasons. They are most useful during monsoons and winters as they protect car from slush, mud and dirt. So, it's a good idea to use car floor mats to keep your car clean.

WeatherTech Floor Mats:
weathertech floor matsThe durable rubber protection in WeatherTech all weather floor mats traps dirt, mud and moisture. They can provide great coverage or can be trimmed easily for more customized fit & defense. They are made thick with specially ridged underside that provide impenetrable barrier that designed to stay put. Soft rubber top offers excellent traction for driving without wrecking your shoes. A tall outer ridge keeps dirt from sliding out onto your carpet.

Nifty Elite Floor Mats:
nifty elite floor matsWant crud capturing capabilities of all weather floor liners then deck your floorboards with Nifty elite floor mats. These carpet floor mats pull double duty, protecting against nasty stains and boosting style of interior all at same time. These mats are custom molded to shape of your floorboards. Not only this innovative design provide superior protection but it is also equipped with raised outer lip that helps capture & contain slop or sludge before sloshing onto to carpet. Carpeting is treated to fight off permanent stains & clean easy stray slices of pizza toppled coffees and mud caked. They are backed by lifetime warranty.

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