Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dog Coats: Make your Dog Stylish

There are several advantages of dog clothes. For itchy pets or pets with allergies, dog shirt can make skin less accessible, reducing, licking, chewing and scratching. They can also provide barrier between the allergies and pet skin, which may reduce symptoms. For humans, also, who are allergic to dogs, dog shirt & coats traps some of dander that irritates and allows it to be washed away, instead of spreading on furniture and floors.

There are people who like to dress up their dogs while others do not. If you fall in first category, then you have reached the right place. Do you enjoy fact that clothing and accessories defines wearer's sense of style & personality? If so, then you will love that your pet dog can now be as stylish as you with their very own dog clothing.

Fido Fleece Houndstooth Dog Coats:

Fido Fleece Houndstooth Dog CoatsSignature collar to tail back, velcro closure ensures easy on and off for removing, even on squirming dog. Each dog coat is made of non pile and top-quality fleece. Fido Fleece dog coat repels dirt, sheds water and is easy to clean. Do not settle for imitation – there is only one Fido Fleece dog coat that can make your dog look stylish..!!

Traditional Blanket Coat:

Traditional Blanket CoatThis traditional blanket dog coat is stylish and warm. This fleece coat will protect dog from winter elements. The blanket coat reverses from Tartan plaid to solid red fleece. Features include velcro closure and chest protector. Dog coat includes opening where pet leash can be conveniently attached. Making it simple to walk with dog in style yet wrapped in warmth.

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