Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ludwig Accent Combo 5-piece drum set with Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Set - Get 47% off

Music is an art which is produced by either plucking or beating. Love to beat the drums and wants to be next famous drummer, then have fun with Ludwig Accent Combo 5-piece drum set and Zildjian starter cymbal pack. You will love the beats of drum with music and if it flows in your nerves, let it flow outside with this complete drum set for an incredibly nice price.

Ludwig Accent Combo 5-Piece Drum Set:
In this 5-piece Drum kit, you willget famous Ludwig quality wood drum shells which include matching wood snare. Ludwig drum set features 12 x 10 and 13x 11 toms, 22 x 16 bass, 16 x 16 floor tom and 14 x 6-1/2 snare, each with wrapped finish. Drum hardware includes hi-hat stand, LA214FP bass pedal, cymbal stand, snare stand and a throne. What else you need in a drum set.

drum set
Zildjian Starter Cymbal Pack:
This Zildjian ZBT 3-Cymbal Pack includes a 14 crash, 18 crash/ride and pair of 13 hi-hats. Sound grooves & round hammer strikes in simple circular pattern on top surface of ZBT cymbals magnify basic sound of the distinctive ZBT alloy. Zildjian ZBT hi-hats produce sharp and focused sound with excellent, bright chick sound. ZBT crash/ride cymbal produces cutting ride sound with good crash qualities. The 14 crash has brilliant finish & provides easy playability, perfect first crash cymbal. Bright and high pitched sound of Zildjian ZBT cymbals cut through the mix. The sheet origin & lathing techniques create high volume projection that speaks quickly and brightly when struck.

The Zildjian cymbals are highly polished, have brilliant finish, looks fresh and offers excellent clean stick articulation with controlled overtones. It takes Zildjian Bronze Technology up a notch with advanced hammering & lathing, enhanced sound for versatility, musicality and professional performance.

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