Friday, July 30, 2010

Perfect Glassware Pieces for Table Settings

If you are searching for elegant glassware pieces then your search is finished because Pottery Barn is up with it's SALE!! Good pieces of dinnerware and tableware create good impression as well as give you the award of “Best homemaker”. Correct choice of tableware can do much to dinner parties and create elegant dining.

Glassware set of glasses and glass dispenser can decorate dining table in a pleasant way on parties and even at every dinner with family. As opposed to difficult plastic dinnerware or displaying stainless steel dinnerware in course of dinner parties or other similar occasions, classy glassware will garner extra attention and bring much more characters for table.

Bennett Glassware, Set of 6:
Bennett GlasswareBennett glassware, designed with versatile shape that sits well with any table setting. These beautiful hand blown glasses showcase thick, bases and sturdy stems. You can serve iced teas, range of juices, cocktails, water, lemonades as well as other cold beverages in these glasses. Just add some ice to maintain drinks cold.

Acrylic Drink Dispenser:
Acrylic Drink DispenserThis sculptural drink vessel holds enough sangria or iced tea to satisfy crowd. Two sizes are shaped to complement each other & can fit together to serve variety of drinks. Drink dispenser body is made of molded acrylic and Lid crafted of stainless steel. Spigot is crafted of rubber and stainless steel.

However with choices present in market in abundance, one can choose glassware according to the need and preferences of home. To get these glassware pieces, order them from Pottery Barn and for more savings, do not forget to use Pottery Barn Promotion Code.