Saturday, August 7, 2010

Multitouch Apple Magic Mouse Drive You Crazy

Tired of swiping and scrolling the mouse? Apple Magic Mouse can help one to get rid of common features of a convectional mouse. Multi-touch features of Magic Mouse can drive one crazy along with it's look and functionality.

Apple began with iPhone, then iPod touch, then MacBook Pro, all with smart and dynamic features. Multi-touch technology introduced better way to interact with portable devices – all using gestures. Another milestone of Apple by bringing gestures to desktop with mouse thats called Magic Mouse. Apple Magic Mouse is world's first Multi-touch mouse. And it comes standard with every new iMac.
magic mouseFeatures of Apple Magic Mouse:
  • Seamless Multi-Touch Surface
  • Laser-Tracking Engine
  • Wireless
  • 360° scroll
  • Two-button click
  • Screen zoom
  • Two-finger swipe
It can be added to any Mac with Bluetooth wireless technology for multi-touch renovation. Sleek and low slung wireless pointer with smooth top shell. There is no scroll wheel or button. No buttons? Hmm, not really. Top shell has one giant button. It's multi-touch sensor allows to click anywhere. Device tracks like usual mouse. To right click or activate shortcut menu, click the top right corner of mouse.

Magic Mouse has iPhone like scrolling to desktop. To scroll through document or web page, run finger vertically up and down the mouse top shell. Move finger horizontally to scroll side to side. One can scroll at 360 degrees by moving finger in circular motion. This Magic Mouse can be grab by ordering from Apple online store. One can save maximum by using Apple Promo Code.