Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids by Posh Tots!

Have you ever observed kids' behavior, especially pre-schoolers while donning their new Halloween costumes? If not, then this year do it. It'll be a really big treat to your eyes. Baby, toddler or pre-schoolers look so cute in Halloween costumes and if the costumes are from Posh Tots store, their cuteness raises up a level? Have a look on beautiful girls' Halloween costumes by Posh Tots and just imagine how your baby will look in these costumes...

Flourishes Ribbon TuTu in Red
Flourishes Ribbon TuTu in Red: Two layers of tulle make this costume unique and extra special. The top layer is an inch shorter to reveal second row of ribbon edging. Elasticized waistband is embellished with coordinating satin bow. Perfect for play, pageants and recitals.
Honey Bee Tutu Costume
Honey Bee Tutu Costume: This is a great designer piece that will serve as an everlasting heirloom! This beautiful honey bee costume is full of fun and whimsy. Includes black and yellow tutu which is handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle, intricately crafted wings, fur antennae, and bumblebee wand. Perfect for 0-24 months ages children.

Miss Ladybug Tutu Costume
Miss Ladybug Tutu Costume: This is again a beautiful ladybug costume for your little fairy! This ornamental ladybug costume is full of whimsy and whimsy. Includes red prima ballerina tutu with black polka dots which is handcrafted from over seventy yards of premium tulle, detailed polka dot wings, fur antennae, and ladybug wand.

Posh tots Halloween costumes are cute, gorgeous and very affordable. Your little angel will definitely love it, even it'll hard for you to stop her, when she is busy in showing-off her new costume among her friends!